So you’re ready to write a journalism resume?

After advice from numerous professionals in the field, a mock interview that yielded some great constructive criticism and feedback, and numerous real-world interviews, I thought I’d write a post about resumes for recent journalism college grads. It’s a tough world out there and most of the time, your resume is the first impression a potential employer gets of you and lets face it, most people’s resumes suck.

Every resume advice website out there, every university career center, and every hiring manager will give you different advice. It’s difficult to learn how to write a resume when everyone looks for something different. If you’re reading this blog though, you’re probably already pursuing a career in journalism so you’re looking specifically for what gets a journalist hired.

I met Michael Koretzky, a long-timjournalist and editor, when I was doing the Society of Professional Journalists “Will Write for Food” program in 2010. He wrote a brilliant, snarky post on this topic last year and since I can’t top his advice or experience, I’m just going to pass along the info.


No writing assignment strikes fear into the cold, calloused heart of a college journalist quite like the resume does. Yet no assignment is so shoddily reported and so clumsily written.

Every spring semester for nearly a decade, I’ve collected resumes from the staff at the student newspaper I advise – and I’ve taken them to local, state, and national media pros for a blistering critique. Every year, only a handful don’t suck.

Of course, the top reason for a crappy college resume is simply a lack of journalism experience. Too many j-school grads think they can land a media job with a diploma in one hand and some class assignments in the other. (For more on that, see 9 Mistakes that Crush a College Journalist’s Career.)

But even if your experience is impeccable, you can easily lose that first job you’d otherwise be destined for. Here’s why… (READ MORE)

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