Wednesday Journalism Link Round-Up

Aaaaaand here’s this week’s food for thought:

Why journalists should jump to PR

Some good points, yes, but I’ve been on both sides of the fence already and I don’t agree that this points mean you need to make the jump. While you can write some fantastic stories on the PR side, you only get to write about what makes the company/organization/university, etc. look good. Journalists are necessary for uncovering things that may not be pleasant to know about but that we SHOULD know about. And as a commenter pointed out, it doesn’t do much for integrity and credibility of journalism when journos are jumping the fence.

10 tips for teaching journalists how to effectively use social media

This is more of a resource for journalists who already know how to use social media for reporting and want to teach it to others.

Pinterest Use Case: Live coverage of a university graduation

I never thought to use Pinterest for this! I’ve live-tweeted events before. Maybe next time I’ll live-pin them.

7 Mistakes That Doom a College Journalist’s Resume

I already wrote a blog about this but in case you missed it, Michael Koretzky of the Society of Professional Journalists lays out some do’s and dont’s with a bit of snark.

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3 thoughts on “Wednesday Journalism Link Round-Up

  1. I never thought of live pinning before either! What a grand idea!

  2. Oh, and i like the new banner!

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